W band Matched Zero bias Tunel Diode (RITD)



Package BW (GHz) Sensitivity (mV/uW) IRL (dB) Reverse Breakdown voltage (V) Status
MMIC 80- 110
8.5 @ 94GHz
>15 0.5V Max




The CGY2870AUH/C1 is a high performance GaAs 50 Ohms Matched zero bias detector diode operating as high as W-band. The zero bias diode is not temperature dependant.

 As a detector diode, the CGY2870AUH/C1 has a sensitivity of 9 mV/uW at 94 GHz

 The die have been carefully designed to support a connection by bondings.

 The die is manufactured using the OMMIC’s RITD (Resonnant Interband Tunnel Diode) Technology. The MMIC uses gold bonding pads and backside metallization and is fully protected with Silicon Nitride passivation to obtain the highest level of reliability.

 This part is the member of a chipset dedicated to radiometer type of application for passive imaging at very high frequency.



  • Passive Imaging application
  • Radar
  • Instrumentation




  • Operating Range : 80 GHz to 110 GHz
  • Sensitivity : 8.5mV/uW
  • NEP : 1.1pW/√Hz
  • Input power : <  0 dBm
  • Reverse Breakdown Voltage : 0.5V Max
  • Input Return Loss : > 15 dB at 100GHz
  • Chip size = 900 x 770 x 100 um
  • Device Availability:
    • Production
    • Tested, Inspected Known Good Die (KGD) 



Application Note