10.0 Gb/s TransImpedance Amplifier



Package Function Data Rate(Gb/s) Diff gain(dBΩ) Input overload (mApp)

On Chip AGC

Out Current(mA) Power Supply(V) Status Process
DIE Differential Output TIA 10 72 2.0 Yes Diff 70  +5 Available ED02AH



The CGY2110UH is a 10.0 Gb/s TransImpedance Amplifier (TIA). Typical use is as a low noise preamplifier for lightwave receiver modules in optical fiber networks.

The device is intended to be used with a PIN or APD photodetector and is capable of amplifying input current up to 2 mA p.p. at BER of 10-12.The circuit also exhibits exceptional sensitivity. A biasing circuit for PIN photodiode is integrated in the CGY2110UH.

The die is manufactured using OMMIC’s 0.18 μm gate length PHEMT Technology. The MMIC uses gold bonding pads and backside metallization and is fully protected with Silicon Nitride passivation to obtain the highest level of reliability. This technology has been evaluated for Space applications and is on the European Preferred Parts List of the European Space Agency.




  • Digital fiber optic receiver for optical telecommunications (STM64 or OC192 systems)
  • High sensitivity and high gain amplifier.




  • Suitable for 10.0 Gb/s optical fiber links
  • Single +5.7 V supply voltage
  • 72 dBW differential transimpedance gain
  • Differential output
  • Low Power Consumption (400 mW)
  • Tested, Inspected Known Good Die (KGD)
  • Samples Available D
  • emonstration Boards Available
  • Space and MIL-STD Available


Block Diagram of the CGY2110UH/C1


Application Note