25-43 GHz Ultra Low Noise Amplifier


Package BW (GHz) Gain (dB) NF (dB) P1dB out (dBm) Bias (mA) Bias (V) Status Process
MMIC 25 - 43 32 1.5 1.2 30 1.1 Available D007IH



The CGY2122XUH/C2 is a high performance GaAs Low Noise Amplifier MMIC designed to operate in the Ka Band.

The CGY2122XUH/C2 has an exceptionally low noise figure of 1.5dB and 32dB of gain over the whole 25-43 GHz frequency band. The on chip matching provides 8 dB of Input Return Loss and Output Return Loss over the frequency range. It can be used in Radar, Telecommunication and instrumentation applications.

The die is manufactured using OMMIC’s advanced 70nm gate length high indium contain MHEMT technology. The MMIC uses gold bonding pads and backside metallization and is fully protected with silicon nitride passivation to obtain the highest level of reliability.

This technology has been evaluated for space applications and is on the European Preferred Parts List of the European Space Agency.



  •  Radar
  •  Telecommunications
  •  Instrumentation


  •  Operating frequency range : 25 to 43 GHz
  •  Noise Figure : 1.5 dB from 25 to 43 GHz
  •  Gain : 32dB
  •  Input Return Loss : > 8 dB
  •  Output Return Loss : > 8 dB
  •  Power Supply : 30 mA at 1.1V
  •  Delivered as 100 % on-wafer RF tested dies
  •  Die size = 3 x 2 mm
  •  Device Availability:

      Tested, Inspected Known Good Die (KGD)

      Demonstration Boards


  CGY2122XUH/C2 Low Noise Amplifier Bloc diagram


Application Note