500mW 37-41 GHz Power Amplifier


Package BW (GHz) Gain (dB)  Psat(dBm) P1dB out (dBm)

Bias Current (mA)

Bias Voltage (V) Status Process
DIE 37-41 22 27 26 630 4.5 Available D01PH



The CGY2130UH/C1 is a GaAs PHEMT Power Amplifier with output power of 27dBm (500mW) and more than 22dB of gain over the frequency range 37 to 41 GHz.

The 1dB Compression point is 26 dBm with excellent linearity delivering an OIP3 of 34.5 dBm. DC power supply is typically 4.5V and PAE is above 15%

The CGY2130UH is manufactured using the D01PH GaAs PHEMT power process from OMMIC. This process has a 130nm gate length with a Ft of 110GHz and a Fmax of 180GHz.

The D01PH process used to manufacture the MMIC has been evaluated by ESA and is in the EPPL (European Preferred Part List). This very reliable process is suitable to manufacture power amplifiers dedicated to flight models in aerospace applications as well as high performance power amplifiers for terrestrial applications.


  • High performance GaAs Power Amplifier
  • Earth-to-space or point-to-point radiolinks
  • Backhaul networks
  • Telecommunications
  • RF Driver for High Power Amplifiers


  • Usable frequency range from 37 to 41 GHz
  • Psat > 500mW (27dBm)
  • P1dB ~ + 26dBm
  • Gain ~ + 22dB
  • 50 Ohm input and output matched
  • Delivered as 100 % on-wafer RF tested dies
  • Samples and Evaluation Boards available
  • Die size is 3.07 x 1.86 mm


 The MMIC is available in the die form, OMMIC can deliver packaged version of the component. 

 CGY2130UH Power Amplifier block diagram


Application Note