DC-46GHz High Gain Broadband Amplifier


Package BW (GHz) Ref.Freq Gain (dB) NF (dB) P1dB out (dBm) Bias (mA) Bias (V) Status Process
DIE DC-46  15 16 2 21 195 5 Available D01PH



The CGY2141UH/C1 is a distributed very wide band 43 Gb/s Electro-Absorption Modulator (EAM) / Lithium Niobate modulator driver. This device is a key component for ultra high speed optical communication systems (OC-768/STM-256).

The CGY2141UH/C1 can also be used as a flexible, multi-purpose, very wide band gain block usable from DC to 46 GHz. The CGY2141UH/C1 features single-ended input and output and operates with a +5.0V supply voltage via an external bias tee.

The MMIC is manufactured using OMMIC’s qualified 0.13 μm PHEMT GaAs D01PH technology. The D01PH process is one of the European Space Agency (ESA) european preferred part list (EPPL) technologies.




  • 43 Gb/s OC-768 Driver amplifier for LiNbO3 Modulator or Electro-Absorption Modulator (EAM)
  • Instrumentation, EW Systems
  • General purpose wide band amplifier






  • Suitable for 43 Gb/s optical fibre links
  • Wide frequency range : DC – 46 GHz
  • 16 dB small signal gain
  • 6.5 Vpp output voltage swing in a 50W load
  • Power consumption (900 mW)
  • P1dB = 21 dBm at 15 GHz
  • NF=2 dB at 15 GHz
  • Chip size = 1270 x 1670 μm
  • Tested, Inspected Known Good Die (KGD)
  • Samples Available
  • Space and MIL-STD Available

Block Diagram of the CGY2141UH Broadband Amplifier


Application Note