C band High Gain Low Noise Amplifier


Package BW (GHz) Gain (dB) NF (dB) P1dB out (dBm) Bias (mA) Bias (V) Status Process
DIE 5 - 6 30 1 15  40 3 Available ED02AH



The CGY2178UH/C1 is a High Gain, Low Noise Figure MMIC amplifier designed for use with the OMMIC Integrated Core chip, Attenuator/Phase Shifter Chip Set or as a general purpose Low Noise Amplifier in band C.

The CGY2178UH uses a simple external matching circuit to provide excellent input matching and low noise figure between 5 and 6 GHz. All biasing, decoupling and output-matching networks are on chip. 

The MMIC is manufactured with OMMIC’s leading 0.18 μm PHEMT GaAs MMIC technology. The device is fully passivated.





  • General performance LNA in the band 5–6 GHz
  • C-band Active Antennas






  • C-band MMIC LNA
  • 5 - 6 GHz operations
  • Gain : 30dB
  • Noise Figure: 1dB
  • P1dB out : 15dBm
  • S11, S22 : < - 10 dB (5–6 GHz)  
  • Consumption : 40mA @ 3V 
  • Circuit size : 1.5 mm x 1.6 mm, 100 μm thick
  • Delivered as measured Known Good Die
  • Uses a highly reliable PHEMT MMIC process
  • Samples and Demonstration Boards Available
  • Space and MIL-STD Available



Application Note