OMMIC Foundry Services

OMMIC provides services to Customers requiring specific MMICs:

- Open Foundry Service, allowing customers to design their own circuit, with help, training and support from OMMIC

- Custom Design Service: OMMIC designs circuits based on customer specifications


The OMMIC design Manuals and design tools are extremely comprehensive and allow any type of design, from mixed signal to low noise and high power, from DC to sub-millimeter wave.


OMMIC Design Kits include:

Fully scalable models for all devices
Linear, non linear and noise models for transistors (and diodes)
Process statistical variations of all active and passive devices, allowing representative yield analysis
Temperature effects for all passive and active devices
Complete auto layout for all devices, including all types of interconnections
E.M. information allowing advanced analysis
Design Rules Checking

Design kits are regularly updated, in close collaboration with Software suppliers. OMMIC provides hot line, support, dedicated training and powerful verification tools.

OMMIC  Partner Design houses

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OMMIC Processes

OMMIC processes table


Important Dates

Available process for Multi Project Wafer (MPW)


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