Our processes and equipments are monitored with SPC (Statistical Process Control) to ensure the fewest variation between wafers. During the manufacturing process, OMMIC uses specific test modules PCM (Process Control Monitor) to guaranty the quality of the wafer.
For customer with higher expectations, we can also provide only Known Good Dies (KGD), based on their criteria. For that, we have few optimal back-end services. Choose what suits you best!


OMMIC runs automatic on-wafer test benches to provide only know good dies. The testing is performed in a controlled clean room and follows the customer’s requirements.
All usual tests are available (i.e. S-parameters, spectrum analysis, scalar measurements, noise figure, DC pulsed power measurements, etc). This adds up to our DC & RF front end process monitoring. OMMIC opens its RF-test capabilities and knowledge to design and conduct tests on customers prototype to help them improve their products.


Once produced, the wafers can be shipped in boxes, on film, or picked. If the wafer has been tested, we will discriminate the best performing dies from the others.
Mass production volumes can be very important, especially on 6-inch. This is why, we have been investing in automated tool such as our automatic picking machine to fully support 5G volumes. The picked dies can be packed in Gel-Pack® or waffle pack.


We perform visual inspection at each critical steps during the manufacturing process to ensure anomaly detections. In addition to those tests, we can also perform visual inspection at die level at the end of the process to unsure further anomaly detections.

Two level of screening are available: space grade for the highest reliability (MIL-STD-883) and commercial grade for product with less stringent requirements.


We have a dedicated team for space qualification but also for reliability of all our components. All tests are assembly test for flight models which follow MIL-STD standard and are performed at OMMIC or specialised external laboratories.


We are moving towards a world where integration and ease of use are central to the definition of complex electronic subsystems. We invest every day to simplify the use of our products for customers by developing packaged solutions while ensuring optimal performances.

Today, OMMIC’s olutions cover L- to Ka-band. This includes GaN products for power application, robust LNA and T/R chip front ends.


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1500 m² of our premises are entirely dedicated to clean rooms for the development and manufacture of III-V integrated circuits.


We offer a comprehensive catalogue of MMICs including amplifiers, corechips, frequency converters and diodes from DC to 110 GHz.


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