black friday week at OMMIC

Black Friday Week 2020


One week of great discount at OMMIC

With this global pandemic, we are all living in a difficult period but OMMIC has decided to remedy it by offering you the best offer of the year on one of our new products. From November 27th to December 4th 2020, OMMIC is celebrating its Black Friday Week. Customers can take advantage of an exceptional offer on a new low noise amplifier MMIC by saving 30%.


This week only, OMMIC is offering the year’s best offer on our new Low Noise Amplifier, the CGY2272UH, a great device for radar, satcom, telecommunication and instrumentation applications.
From 44 to 70 GHz, this product is 4 stages single supply LNA with an exceptional low noise figure under 2 dB and 25 dB of gain. The on-chip matching provides 15 dB of Input Return Loss and Output Return Loss. Due to its DC regulation, the gain and noise are very stable with respect to temperature change.

CGY2272UH features


Operating in the V-band, the device is using one of our latest GaAs process, the D007IH. After a successful space pre-evaluations campaign, this process is considered to be inserted in the European Space Agency’s EPPL within the coming months.

So do not miss this great opportunity to test this new product at -30%. But beware, be fast because we have a limited storage. Furthermore, if you have any technical or commercial questions, feel free to contact us or our local representatives too.



Created in 2000 by spinning off Philipps, OMMIC specializes in the development and manufacturing of microwave circuits. OMMIC focusses on III – V technologies (GaN, GaAs and InP) and made the strategic choice to locate all its activities in France, on the historic site of Limeil-Brévannes, investing heavily in research. Today, OMMIC is the world leader in millimetric GaN technology, with superior power and unparalleled energy efficiency technology. The company is positioned to be one of the pillars of millimetric 5G. More information is available at

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