Black Friday Week

Black Friday Week


8 days of great discounts at OMMIC

From November 29th to December 6th 2019, OMMIC is celebrating Black Friday. Customers can take advantage of an exceptional offer on a high performance GaN Power Amplifier MMIC by getting the year’s best offer by saving 50%!

This week only, OMMIC is offering great discounts on the CGY2651UH/C1, a high-power GaN MMIC designed to operate at 40 GHz. This Power Amplifier (PA) has been designed to allow continuous waves (CW) operation while delivering a high output power (above 40 dBm) and outstanding PAE (up to 35 %).

This PA is a great device for millimetre wave 5G macrocell coverage, last mile high data rate connection and even satellite communication downlink. Due to its high frequency, large bandwidth and great PAE, it is a good way to bring high data rates connectivity with a reduce footprint.

Having always been wanting to try out OMMIC’s GaN-on-Silicon technology ?
It is a great opportunity that will not last; get the year’s best offer by ordering now, but be fast, we have a limited storage.

For further information, feel free to contact our sales team or our local representatives.



Created in 2000 by spinning of Philipps, OMMIC specializes in the development and manufacturing of microwave circuits. OMMIC specializes in III – V technologies (GaN, GaAs and InP). OMMIC made the strategic choice to locate all its activities in France, on the historic site of Limeil-Brévannes and invested heavily in research. Today, OMMIC is the world leader in millimetric GaN technology, with superior power and unparalleled energy efficiency technology is positioned to be one of the pillars of millimetric 5G.