Can’t find your product in our catalog ? Take advantage of our open foundry service or ask us to design it for you !


OMMIC develops its own processes with a fully open foundry Policy. This means anybody can use it with up-to-date design kits. Before moving to production, OMMIC offers free design rule checking (DRC) to ensure designs can be manufactured safely. OMMIC offers Full Wafer run for maximum flexibility or Multi Project Wafer (MPW) for cost-effective prototypes.

III–V technologies are widely used for the excellent performance they can offer. OMMIC process portfolio includes GaAs pHEMT & mHEMT technology, InP HBT technology and GaN HEMT technology. These processes provide cut-off frequencies as high as 400 GHz enabling new application at always higher frequencies. OMMIC processes are built for high reliability and space application. This is why all our processes in production are either spaced qualified by the European Space Agency (ESA), or in the process of being qualified.

OMMIC makes available its expertise to help customers at each stage of the design, packaging, test and qualification of his product to ensure the very highest level of quality and reliability.


All of OMMIC’s processes are available for full wafer foundry services. Full wafer is the best option for developing a MMIC with different variant finalizing a design. The process performance is monitored during the wafer’s fabrication using Process Control Monitoring (PCM) cells. All of the mains steps are monitored using DC & RF measurements.
At the end of the fabrication, optional backend services are offered.
Should all of the backend option are chosen, OMMIC will deliver (as for standard products) only known good dies (KGD).


A Multi Project Wafer (MPW) is a cost effective way to experience a new design topology or a new technology through a limited number of samples. OMMIC has been offering this service for a long time on his proprietary technologies.


OMMIC team and all our customers are using the same standard PDK. Our PDK is very complete but can always be enhanced. Help us make it better by providing some feedback.