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LVS implementation in OMMIC PDK for ADS

Being a company with a large portfolio, our designers know that designing a quality circuit is a fairly complex task. This is why, we are always in search of new convenient tools to be added to our Process Design Kit (PDK) for our foundry customers. Thanks to our collaboration with Keysight’s Indian team, an option under ADS has been implemented. Called LVS, the tool aims to facilitates the design of your MMIC, by adding additional security checks.


A successful design rule check ensures that the layout conforms to the rules designed/required for faultless fabrication. However, it does not guarantee if the layout really represents the circuit you aim to fabricate. This is where an LVS operates.

The LVS option is a basic Layout Versus Schematic check that allows the drawings to be validated before submission to the foundry. It is a tool that verify if a schematic and a layout are equivalent or not. Checking is done using the ADS database elements such as PDK components and sub-designs. LVS checking software recognises the drawn shapes of the layout that represent the electrical components of the circuit, as well as the connections between them. This netlist is compared by the LVS software against a similar schematic’s netlist.

Today, the LVS tool is already available in our D007IH PDK and will be integrated in GaN PDK update expected in few weeks. Other processes will include this option in the coming months…



Thanks to the PDK rules integrated for device recognition and parameter extraction, you can use ADS Desktop LVS to detect components, nodes, parameter mismatches on all FETs, resistors, inductor, capacitors, ground vias, air bridges, Lange coupler, transmission lines, etc. And all of that directly on flattened layout.

ADS graphical environment associated to the LVS tool provide design-fix suggestion and visual indication of the geometrical and electrical violations. With this tool, you will also get component-count information which makes it easy to detect missing components.

If you need instructions to use the ADS LVS, do not hesitate to contact our experts. We provide hot line support and dedicated training.



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