Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. This is why to guarantee out product’s quality, while ensuring everybody’s safety. OMMIC advocates a strict quality, safety and environmental policy strictly ingrained in our corporate culture.


For a sustainable commitment, we only work with suppliers who adhere to the same policy as us to ensure the protection of everyone. In short, we care about everything that enters and leaves of our company. In addition, we also comply with ethic environmental standards such as RoHS and REACH which concerns the production and use of chemicals and their potential impacts on human health and our planet.


OMMIC is committed to continuously providing efficient, high reliable solutions and services that meet customer needs in terms of performance, safety and value. Responsive and competitive, as part of our continuous improvement process, we constantly strive to follow the demanding criteria of ISO standards. We are subject to regular audits to ensure and guarantee the high quality of our offerings.

ISO 9001

Since 1994, we have been meeting the requirements of the quality management system of the ISO 9001 standard and our improvement initiatives are based on the following points.

  • identifying our key processes;
  • setting up and analysing performance indicators;
  • an control and traceability of all products;
  • a control of the quality of raw materials.

ISO 14001

OMMIC has always been aware of its role in the global ecosystem. This is why, since 2002, our environmental management system has been based on the ISO 14001 standard. We therefore strive to provide a cleaner and safer environment for our staff and customers with the aim of long-term sustainable growth.

  • a control on substances that are rejected in the air and water;
  • an environmental impact assessment of our activities;
  • developing a sense of occupational hazard prevention and safety in each department;
  • a staff training on environmental health and safety methods.


The counterfeiting of components is a serious problem that has a negative impact on the global economy and endangers the safety of people. Therefore, OMMIC is committed to preventing the introduction of counterfeit products or components into its supply chain. To achieve this, we are committed to:


  • All products are purchased from original equipment manufacturers, when this is not possible, products must be purchased from authorized distributors;
  • Inform our suppliers of this policy and hold them accountable for compliance;
  • All purchases must comply with internal procedures and cannot be made without the prior validation of the purchasing department;
  • Any suspicious incident or report on the origin of products must be reported to the purchasing department so that an investigation can be carried out in partnership with the quality, safety and environment department;
  • Make any product confirmed to be counterfeit unusable and take the necessary steps with suppliers and the competent authorities if necessary;
  • OMMIC may audit its suppliers and verify the proper understanding and application of our policy.


Space grade processes for commercial purpose. This is the promise OMMIC offers by offering its products designed with processes approved and validated by the European Space Agency (ESA).


Today, 70 % of our standard product have been designed using ESA’s European Preferential Parts List (EPPL) processes. Our goal is to bring this number to 98 % by 2022.


We have developed reliable technology and look forward to building an equally reliable relationship with you. We believe customers should simply expect the best, so we make sure that you can work in perfect conditions.


If you feel our products are not behaving the way they should, do no hesitate contacting us. We have a dedicated support team ready to help you with the biggest challenges as well as the simplest technical question.