SERENA : the project

SERENA : the project

An EU’s HORIZON 2020 project

The project SERENA (gan-on-Silicon Efficient mm-wave euRopean system iNtegration platform) will develop a system architecture and technology platform by using an integrated approach that would serve as a basis for 5G and radar technologies of autonomous cars.

Further, SERENA will combine advancements in hybrid analogue / digital mm-wave beam-steering system architectures with a completely European based semiconductor supply chain. Finally, the project team will foster an inter-disciplinary design approach with a stromp emphasis on multi-physics simulations and predictive co-design to show the unique capabilities of the SERENA technology.

“After more than a year of work, including the design of MMIC, its manufactured and its test, OMMIC presents the first results that go beyond the expectations of each !” said Fabien ROBERT, CEO of OMMIC.

serena project

This project aims to :
1) Extend the limits of mainstream semiconductor technologies by developing a low-cost and high-performance (high-power and high-efficiency) hybrid integration platform for mm-wave systems.
2) Develop a GaN-on-Silicon cost effective and power efficient mm-wave 5G beam-steering system as a proof-of concept for future key markets.
3) Accept the challenge to bring into production high performance mm-wave active antenna systems, at a commercialy viable price-point and low energy consumption.

The SERENA project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innocation programme under grand agreement No. 779305. For further information, please visit the website project : here

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