ULTRAWAVE : the project

ULTRAWAVE : the project

An EU’s HORIZON 2020 project

The ULTRAWAVE project is aimed at developing a high capacity backhaul that enables 5G cell densification by exploiting bands beyond 100 GHz. New travelling wave tubes delivering high power will allow the creation of an ultra capacity layer providing more than 100 Gbps per kilometer square in Point-to-MultiPoint at D-band (141 – 174.8 GHz) fed by novel G-band (300 GHz) Point-to-Point high capacity links.


With the market introduction of the D004IH (a 40 nm process developed at OMMIC for ultra-low-noise application up to the Terahertz domain), OMMIC has been chosen to develop the D-Band (141 – 148.5 GHz) chipset. The chipset includes the LNA, the up-converter and the down-converter, all designed at University of Roma Tor Vergata, Italy. The Power Amplifier (PA) drive to the TWT and for the terminal will be designed and fabricated by Ferdinand Braun Institute, Germany, using 0.8 im InP DHBT (double heterojunction bipolar transistor).

This project has received funding from the european union’s horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 762119. For further information, please visit the website’s project : here

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